Transforming leaders so that you can transform your
business, career, finances, and relationships

Frustrated with the status quo? We can help.

We work with business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs to unlock value through custom strategies that lead to measurable outcomes.

Do you know there’s more for you – but need help getting there? Consulting with Management Consulted will change your business, your life, and your way of thinking.

When I was starting my business, I didn’t have a mentor. Thank goodness I succeeded – but it was so much harder than it needed to be. Thankfully, you have a better option.

We spend 90 minutes a month together. In each meeting, we focus on 3 things: Operations (what you’re doing), Finances & Metrics (how you’re doing), and Relationships (who you’re doing business with).

We’re looking for major shifts – not productivity hacks, email tweaks, or saving money by skipping your morning latte. Together, we’ll seek, find, and celebrate how you can build the business, career, and future you were born for.

We limit availability to provide incredible service.

Personalized consulting by Jenny Rae Le Roux

There’s nothing ordinary about Jenny Rae.

Sure – she broke into top consulting firm Bain, has advised over 100 businesses, and built a successful tech career.

But she also shaved her head, traveled the world, bought a company, built a real estate portfolio, purchased a working ranch, and ran for public office.

She’s smart and accomplished – she won the top student awards at both UVA and Columbia Business School.

But she’s also big-hearted, an open book, and a fun mom.

She’s unique – and so are you. She’ll work with you hand-in-hand to determine (and pull) the levers that will make the difference in your business, career, and life.

Questions? Reach out today.


Can I talk to someone before I purchase?

Absolutely! Send Jenny Rae an email or schedule a 15 minute call with her.

How do the 1:1 sessions work?

Each month, you’ll receive credit for 60 minutes with Jenny Rae. Unless you’re in California, sessions are on Zoom and you’ll schedule them through Calendly. In person is always an option – just plan for travel expenses.

I’m not in the U.S. Can I still join?

Absolutely! We normally meet at 9:30AM PST and 11AM PST but can schedule with you directly if those times don’t work.

I’d prefer to pay up front. Can I get a discount?

Yes – purchase here for $5,000 (a $700 discount) if you prefer to pay all at once for a 6-month period.

I can’t join right now. Will there be future availability?

As CEO of Management Consulted, Jenny Rae has many responsibilities. She only accepts limited clients. We’d love for you to join us.

How long do we commit to work together?

First, we work together for 6 months. Then, we’ll discuss the future.

I only want to do one session. Can I do that?

The consulting automatically auto-bills, but we’re happy to meet with you once. Just book the first session – you can decide to cancel at any time after that.